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Brigham young and the expansion of the mormon faith volume 31. In 1829, he moved to mendon, monroe county, new york, where he saw the book of mormon for the first time. Joseph smith, himself, gave christopher the gold plates so that he could translate the sealed portion of the book of mormon. John the beloved and the three nephites use him to present their message to the world. Federal investigators suspected brigham young of having had a hand in.

This is the place to learn about the holy book of mormon, without church bias. Don carlos smith was a young man of as much veracity as any young man we had, and he was a witness to these things. Latterday saints imagine brigham young as a commanding theocrat, who. How did brigham young help take the book of mormon to the. Two new books are reviving old accusations that mormon leader brigham young. Brigham recalled that the book of mormon first came to my hands in two or. After first confronting the book of mormon as a young married man of 28. Hand, the second book to emerge in the churchs fourvolume official history, aims to. President brigham youngs witness of the prophet joseph smith. Brigham young mormonism, the mormon church, beliefs. Raised a methodist, he married miriam works in 1824, and moved to cayuga county, new york, where he plied his trade of carpentry and painting. Brigham young and the expansion of the mormon faith volume 31 the. Maxwell institute at brigham young university as well as interpreter.

Translating the book of mormon religious studies center. The book was soon passed around the family and brigham began to study it. Have you read the sealed portion of the book of mormon yet. He reveals a brigham young more violent and coarse than the man mormons have known. He is the second and longest serving mormon prophet of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints. Brigham young and the expansion of the mormon faith ou press.

Samuel smith saw some things, hyrum saw a good many things, but joseph was the leader. New brigham young biography difficult, worth reading neal a. New volume of saints reveals the many sides of brigham young. In her memoir educated, she tells the story of how at 16 she taught herself enough math and grammar to get accepted into brigham young university and went on. Increasingly disillusioned by the many christian denominations which surrounded him, brigham continued to study both the bible and the book of mormon. Analytical and contextual commentary on the book of mormon and the gift and power. He quickly joined the lds church, being baptized on april 14, 1832.

Had not this been the case, i never would have embraced it to this day. On july 24, 1847, a wagon rolled out of a canyon and gave brigham young, president of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints, his first glimpse of the great salt lake valley. Brigham young, born june 1, 1801, whitingham, vermont, u. Finally, in early 1832, a young mormon missionary gave a humble testimony of the book of mormon in brigham s presence. Young constructed the mormon tabernacle in salt lake city and began the erection of the salt lake temple. Group christians whitmerites josephites brighamites rigdonites leader jesus christ david whitmer joseph smith brigham young sidney rigdon church church. Join facebook to connect with brigham young and others you may know. Brigham youngs ministry is intimately connected with the book of mormon. Brigham young and the expansion of the mormon faith. A carpenter, joiner, painter, and glazier, young settled in 1829 at mendon. If i lay down the book of mormon, i shall have to deny that joseph is a prophet. Brigham young was a kingdom builder with dreams as grandiose as sam. More decisive to its fate, the fancher party was said to have incited the.

Brigham young, journal of discourses, 17 june 1877. Brigham young more violent and coarse than the man mormons have known. Christopher nemelka has published the sealed portion of the book or mormon and has also translated the 116 pages of missing manuscript. He gave a sermon that the moon and sun were inhabited. Samuel gave a copy of the book of mormon to phineas young, brother of brigham. She later married jacob gates and gave birth to 11 children, only four of. That was still unknown when mormon founder joseph smith was. Brigham later said that this humble testimony entered like fire into his bones and he knew the truth.

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