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Online electrical troubleshooting training course tpc. My name is jestine yong and im a professional electronics repairer and an instructor. It can be very intimidating when a component on a board gets hot, exhibits unexpected behavior, does nothing at all, or even explodes. Study basic electronic procedures, lineardigital technology, integrated circuit techniques, electrical repair, and much more in penn foster career schools online electronics technician courses.

Students also practice using operating tools and different types of electronic. Electrical troubleshooting through this electrical troubleshooting simulator is the only way to train and teach people about electrical circuits. Your professionals will learn to diagnose and repair a variety of faults in a simulated electrical circuit consisting of wiring, lights, relays, switches and pushbuttons. Select from the list below to view more information on the specific product. Explains troubleshooting practices on dc and ac motors, identifying unmarked leads on threephase delta and yconnected motors. Control systems for vehicles and off highway machinery. The 60 lesson vehicle electronics training course is an indepth instruction in vehicle electricalelectronic circuits and troubleshooting. Rectifiers are essential for the operation of everyday electronics. Electronics technician online class curriculum penn foster. Electrical training and troubleshooting software training.

Compatible with smartphone, tablet, pc, mac even 4ktv. In this course, students are trained to use diagnostic. Each simulation is based on a realworld scenario and contains a wide variety of practice faults. Associates degree graduates learn electronic repair skills through lectures and intensive handson training. After 12 years in the repairing line, in 2003 i set up my own technical training center to train students who are. Navy electricity and electronics training series, a free self. Basic electronic troubleshooting techniques as an industrial electrician, youll encounter many complex electrical circuits and drives that will break down as they age.

All exercises are designed to be used for both practice and testing. Troubleshooting and repair of consumer electronic equipment. Is there a good software program to learn electronics. The electrical problems start with basic electrical wiring, move up to plc examples. Solenoids, timers, sensors, relays, troubleshooting, even an introduction to plcs is included. Plc simulator software teaches troubleshooting plc controls and circuits. A secure shopping cart is available to purchase our training products directly from our web. Electronics troubleshooting techniques engineering projects. The free online electrical troubleshooting simulator is the free version of the electrical troubleshooting training simulator, a game app like no other. Basic electrical training troubleshooting circuit simulation cbt with.

Automotive electronics courses and training program information. Handson product installation and troubleshooting training on our galaxy message and fuelight digit products. Effectively troubleshooting electrical systems is an essential skill for any technician responsible for maintenance in an industrial, commercial or utility facility. Andre stenberg says, this is a nice introduction course to those who would like to learn the basics of electronics. Ac voltage source tb1 tb2 tb5 tb4 tb6 tb3 light as you can see in the diagram, there are several terminal blocks tb through which electrical power is routed to the light bulb. This electrical troubleshooting training simulator software includes the following units of instruction. Systematic troubleshooting sts is for people in any type of work and at any level of skill or knowledge. Imagine the exciting career opportunities waiting for highly skilled pros who can design, build and maintain sophisticated electronics systems. Troubleshooting plan electronics troubleshooting techniques. Online electrical troubleshooting training course tpc training. Electrical troubleshooting, plc troubleshooting training. Plc problems troubleshooting s bharadwaj reddy december 16, 2018 april, 2019 troubleshooting plcs can be started by checking the healthiness status of cpu, io modules, fuse blowout and different plc failure reasons including wiring.

The app can be used as a virtual laboratory where a physical lab is not available. At the end of the course, participants will be able to. A welldrafted electronics technician resume gives a list of the following duties and tasks repairing and maintaining electronics systems, operating power and manual tools, making cable and wiring connections accurately, performing system testing to evaluate performance, maintaining. Maintenance, repair, electrical engineers will benefit from this electrical training course and learn the skills needed by training through this software. Mar 14, 2012 the most popular electrical troubleshooting training software. Simutech multimedias simulationbased training software system teaches the valuable skill of industrial electrical troubleshooting to keep equipment running. The unexpected behavior exhibited by the circuit is due to improper locating or soldering of components, component damage due to aging, faults, overheat, and so on. This is a powerful troubleshooting method, because it gives you both a positive and a negative indication of the swapped components fault. More often than not, a circuit is not going to work perfectly on the first try, especially as a beginner. How to solve power off immediately after turn on in vizio 42 lcd tv for members onlyit is free to join click here to sign up free to become a member. Chances are, you wont be an expert in repairing these devices, but you can take some practical steps to solve problems and help get your systems operational again in a timely. Simutech multimedia electrical troubleshooting training. The program can be used as a virtual laboratory where a physical lab is not available.

This program helps you teach or learn both circuit analysis and troubleshooting of ac circuits. This program is ideal as a backup to our handson training programs. Jan 01, 2015 doublewide6 recommends safe practices when working on equipment, power tools, chemicals, electronics, electrical systems, vehicles, and or with tools seen or implied in this video. This electrical troubleshooting training course uses electrical troubleshooting training simulator train and test troubleshooting electrical. Simutech multimedia electrical troubleshooting training online. Win 10 down to xp, compatible software 64bit or 32bit. Simutechs troubleshooting simulations immerse your professionals in a 100% 3d environment, where they will learn and practice the crucial skills needed for troubleshooting electrical faults in industrial machinery. The latest dse product guide nov 19 is now available for download. Practice troubleshooting and repairing electrical and electronic systems. They can be it managers, it engineers, it lecturers, technicians, technical college students, electronic hobbyists or computer owners.

A real machine, called the mimic not a computer simulation, allows learners to work with their hands on equipment that isnt running properly. Mike mackley says, its covering the topic and establishing the basics very well. Learn the foundational skills that can help you be successful as an electronics technician with our robust course syllabus. You have reached an old page, please see troubleshooting electrical circuit program tec for the newest version of this software. Handson training with live voltage without the risk.

Specific troubleshooting techniques troubleshooting. The trend is for an increase in electronics usage in vehicles. Electronics training computer repair course plc cie. The basic electronics troubleshooting and repair course is targeted at spmstpm school leavers, technical college students, technicians, retirees, electronic hobbyists and those who are interested in electronics repair. Troubleshooting control circuits building on troubleshooting basic techniques, this program teaches troubleshooting control circuits. Our basic electronics course with handson training lab allows you to learn electronics troubleshooting at home with real world experiments and online exams. The emphasis of the training is not on shotgun type troubleshooting, but on root cause analysis. The following four troubleshooting techniques are popular and widely used to find defects in communication equipment. Electronics troubleshooting finding whats wrong youtube. A major component of working in automotive electronics includes troubleshooting problems in a vehicles electronics systems and circuitry. This application helps you teach or learn both circuit analysis and troubleshooting of ac circuits. The tstrainer is designed to assist industrial electrical contractors, industrial maintenance, technicians, apprentices and other students with systematic. Daktronics provides software training for venus 7000 where operators learn to create, program and schedule display content.

This electric motor control circuit training software is quite detailed. Troubleshooting electrical and plc trainer software. The tstrainer is a multimedia computerbased training module design to instruct the user in proper control trouble shooting techniques. However, i have also learnt that software simulators may give a good start but real electronics is only learnt by experimenting with the actual things frying up off course, i mean making circuits in real. Electrical training software electrical training online course.

Troubleshooting electrical circuits tec is our foundational electrical troubleshooting simulation. Includes a common, yet simple electric circuit with hydraulic cicuit, for a full troubleshooting test. The electrical troubleshooting online electrical training course covers use of schematic diagrams, determining sequence of operation, and use of building diagrams and singleline diagrams. Fundamental electrical troubleshooting test and training software tool is designed for industrial electrical wiring troubleshooting and testing, but can be used to residentail and commercial electricians too. Troubleshooting of an electronic circuit is a process of having a special outlook on components that comes out with remedies to repair it. Getting into troubleshooting this document attempts to provide an entry to the world of consumer electronics troubleshooting and repair. Fundamental electrical troubleshooting training software.

It is located 15 minutes from both newark airport and our lg electronics us hq in englewood cliffs, nj. A simple circuit like the one used in the free online electrical troubleshooting. In 1991 i was hired by a firm to repair various electronics equipment. The electrical troubleshooting examples may help sharpen your electrical installation testing skills. Newly hired electronic and electrical technicians looking to enhance or gain new skills. Secaucus opened in december, 2010 and is our largest at over 6,400 sq ft. It also covers test equipment selection, tools and supplies, parts, home made troubleshooting aide incredibly handy widgetstm and safety. As an industrial electrician, youll encounter many complex electrical circuits and drives that will break down as they age. They follow certain logical steps when looking for a defect in a piece of equipment. Automotive technology call now to place your order press 2 for sales troubleshooting trainer model 1801b atechs automotive electricity and electronic. The electronics technician certificate program provides flexible, skillsbased training in the fundamentals of electronics. However, problems with these rectifiers can arise, and it is just as essential to give these problems immediate attention. Electrical and electronic systems represent the largest content in vehicles.

Electronics repair training programs and requirements. This course will serve as a brief discussion on how to troubleshoot both halfwave and fullwave rectifiers. Electrical circuit design software, circuit simulator the. Includes maintenance procedures for control circuits and combination starters. The advanced electronics repair course is targeted to those already have 3 years experiences in electronics repair and had completed the level 1 basic electronics troubleshooting and repair course. Our troubleshooting training techniques emphasize a handson approach to develop electrical troubleshooting skills faster. Fundamentals of information systems is a distance learning certificate course that comes with instructor support, online grading and a.

Troubleshooting electrical circuits simutech multimedia. It has been developed for adult learners pursuing training through independent study, specifically students who cannot attend college fulltime because of work or family commitments. Draw ladder diagrams and electrical layouts much faster and easier than with most cad software. Jan 08, 2017 the constructor electrical drawing software is a great training tool for teaching troubleshooting. The tstrainer is a multimedia computerbased training module design to instruct the user in proper control trouble shooting. The inexperienced troubleshooter may chase the voltage or mistake symptoms for problems which leads to replacing the same parts repeatedly. Fundamental electrical troubleshooting training software bin95. You will troubleshoot a highly realistic circuit simulation of an electric door lock, containing typical control circuit components such as relays, switches, lights, pushbuttons, and solenoids. The 60 lesson vehicle electronics training course is now digitally available online here or purchase a print version here. Maintenance, repair, electrical engineers will benefit from this electrical training course and learn the skills needed by training.

I took my first electronics repair course back in the year 1987. Free circuit simulatorcircuit design and simulation software list electronic. Sunil thakur says, great course for beginning in electronics, especially enjoyed the water analogy part to make learning easier. Learn by virtual life like electrical training with this software.

Free online electrical troubleshooting simulator help. This troubleshooting electrical and plc trainer is a very helpful computer based training software, designed to instruct and enhance your skills in proper control troubleshooting techniques. Building on troubleshooting basic techniques, this program teaches troubleshooting control circuits. Utilizing the voltage meter, amp probe and pressure transducer while applying ohms. Unlike others, the official 6 step lockout tagout safety procedure training, includes environmental and intermittent simulated electrical faults and allows you to use all 5 senses to. Fundamental electrical troubleshooting test and training software tool is designed for. The plc troubleshooting training with plc maintenance. Plc programmable logic controller training troubleshooting plc circuits. Tec provides a rich 3d environment where professionals will learn and. New lcd tv repair tips volume 2 ebook by kent liew. The troubleshooting trainer is a highly interactive multimedia training application that is designed to assist technicians, electricians, apprentices and other students in the development of systematic troubleshooting skills. The mimic requires no understanding of electricity or electronics. You will troubleshoot a highly realistic circuit simulation of. Proteus can teach you how to read and write schematics but converting a schematic to an actual circuit is also 1 major phase in learning.

Understanding the fundamentals of electronic circuits in order to properly install, test and troubleshoot electronic components is the basis of this course. An electrician is troubleshooting a faulty light circuit, where the power source and light bulb are far removed from one another. The electronics technician will install and assemble electronics systems based on technical specifications. Please click on the ebook photo or this link to access the website for more information. Circuit program tcc and finish up with the troubleshooting motor circuits program.

Electronic repair troubleshooting tips and secrets for. Electrical troubleshooting training simulator game app is compatible with. No login or email required for this free online electrical troubleshooting training simulator game app. Electrical training software electrical training online. The electrical troubleshooting training software is like nothing you have. The most popular electrical troubleshooting training software. Good troubleshooting skills are vital to the electronics hobbyist. Many mechanical and vacuum controls are being replaced with electrical control.

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