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However, in this incident geum jandi hurts her shoulder, which prevents her from swimming in the future. Boys over flowers jan di, ji hu, jun pyo moments ep 1. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. Gu jun pyos unbeatable love in jan di wins and gu jun pyo and jan di began to love each other, then what next the opposition of jun pyo mom. He was involved in a hostage incident that caused his amnesia. N seoul tower is one of the places where geum jan di and goo jun pyo went together on a date.

There may be a problem between them but he truly loves jan di. I hope we can share this space to communicate often. Yi jeong pov its been days after jun pyo and jan di s wedding and things are back to normal after the hype of the said event after witnessing that wonderful and happy moments. The student was bullied because of the f4, four chaebol heirs, who control the school. Gu junpyo was the leader of the f4 and a student at shinhwa school. See more ideas about lee min ho, boys over flowers and lee min. The next day, she finds red card inside her locker and whole school starts bulling her. Jun pyo is the leader of f4 the most popular guy at shinhwa high and heir to the shinhwa conglomerate. Neither jan di nor i could say anything before we were lead inside to the cafeteria.

Jan di smiled a little annoyed, yeah and my back is sore. Episode 3 korean drama hana yori dango wiki fandom. Gu junpyo arrives alone and the model has him beat up in front of a tied up geum jandi, but they are rescued by the f4 members in time. Cause he certainly fell short of that i wouldve personally kept him with as few lines and little presence as possible given his onetone acting palette here. Bof geum jandi and gu jun pyo moments xp boys over flowers, boys before flowers. Ride away, starring lim hajung han hyojoo and kim soowook lee younghoon as starcrossed lovers, is the film that junpyo chose to watch with jandi in front of his house in a private open air cinema session, in episode 10. Though i guess its some kind of trauma after watching this drama and having to look at that idiot geum jan di for 25 episodes. The character dynamics are just as compelling now as they were 10 years ago. Its been 6 months since gu jun pyo returned from abroad and 6 months it has been since he proposed to geum jan di by the beach, which amusingly contradicted by. Both episodes this week will show scenes of their kiss. It turned out to be a twisted love triangle between jandi, junpyo and jihoo. Pin by sura ahmed on sura lee min ho boys over flowers.

Oct 28, 2018 i really love the use of blackswhitesgreys they used for gu jun pyo s preppy style. After gu junpyos father falls ill, his mother forces him to begin training to lead shinhwa. Good morning beautiful said jun pyo kissing the top of jan di s head jan di mumbled something but reached up and kissed his cheek. Pin on the superwealthy, this is a puppy love story centered on a poor girl and the f4 gang of rich kids headed by the rough and fearless jun pyo koo. Boys over flowers 2009 a 10th anniversary overview. I wasnt talking to jun pyo while we were leaving our seats. My first drama and a great one to start on for beginners. This sets off during the times gu jun pyo and geum jan di sets off for there honeymoon gail and yi jeoung moments. Everything good that happens to him is done for him. There, gu jun pyo showed off his money and dragged geum jan di along, buying her all sorts of presents. And to the annoyance of jun pyo, jan di and ji hoo are attracted to each other.

This kind of protagonist has to appear in this drama in order to attract crowds of teenage girls. When she went on a date with ji hoo she had all memories of jun pyo because she missed him a lot. Gu jun pyo fell in love with jan di but jan di fell in love ji hookim hyung joong. Bof geum jandi and gu jun pyo moments xp boys before. Jun pyo smiled wider and pulled jan di closer to him to snuggle some more. He torments jan di after she stands up to his bullying ways, but ends up falling for her instead. He thrust inside her and kissed her at the same time. The moment jun pyo realizes he loves jan dis lifestyle this guy had so much fun simply while eating kimchi with a real family. Jun pyo whisks jan di, the f4, and jan di s best friend, ga eul, off to new caledonia. Lees breakthrough came in 2009 with the lead role of gu junpyo in kbss boys over flowers, the korean adaptation of the popular shojo manga of the same name. And when you get those sweet little moments where they really connect, its so fulfilling. Jan di stands up to the f4s leader, gu jun pyo lee. Jan di opened her eyes to see jun pyos face an inch apart from hers.

The ratio in the second half was like for every 1 jun pyo jan di scene, we have to sit through 5 ji hoo jan di scenes. Well, it features ku hyesun who portrays geum jandi, an average girl who suddenly enrolls at a wealthy and elite school after preventing a students suicide attempt. After a long wait, jun pyo and jandi finally lock lipsits coming ah yes, the hype for boys before flowers is so great that if lead actor jun pyo sneezes, the forums entries will be talking about if he sneezed well what more if geum jandi goo hyesun and goo junpyo lee minho kiss. He mobilizes the students of shinwa to torture jan. Jan di and i stood outside the school talking when the guys showed up. Decided to change the rating, i might add some you know what scenes not suitable for young readers. Jandi refused to back down to him and he subsequently placed a red card in her locker, causing the other students to begin bullying her. When jan di stands up to jun pyo after he humiliates her only friend at school, she becomes a target. Aug 15, 2014 boys over flowers jan di, ji hu, jun pyo moments ep 110 aug 15, 2014 boys over flowers jan di, ji hu, jun pyo moments ep 110 stay safe and healthy. Domyouji is the same hes the childish badass who loves makino but at least he stands up to his mother until he eventually gives in, at the middle of the series. His place has always been in seoul in the darkness, in the filth, on the streets. She is stubborn, however, and refuses to back down. He is jan di s first love intrest in the drama before jun pyo comes and steals her heart away.

After the events of the warehouse, everyone takes a breath and enjoys a trip to a ski resort. Junpyo was born into the famous gu family, founders of shinhwa group. Barely a week passes before her bluntness, determination, and loyalty captures the attention of gu jun pyo and yoon jihoo and earns her the respect and friendship of the other two f4 members. He is also jun pyos closest friend in f4 oooohhh so the drama begins. The kissing scene prompts the two to lean in but are soon interrupted. Unfortunately, because jun pyo is basically a bully. Jan dis eyes went wide with pain and tears started rolling from the sides. Jandi began to hate them for using their privilege for bad rather than good. He was in line to inherit the company from the time of his birth. Only the f4 and jan di know about her, but she has been away for 10 years. Gu jun pyo and geum jan di ll beautiful creatures minomi 15, 28052018 jun pyo and jandi stand by me boys over flowers i m a kpoper, 050720 goo junpyo geum jandi moments. They are the schools popular bullies, and no one messes with them until jan di.

We get a nice moment where jun pyo lets jan di know how he feels and. Gu jun pyo is heartbroken and gets into trouble with the police, later that week he meets with a car accident while trying to save yoon jihus life that causes him to lose his memory. F4 consists of leader goo jun pyo lee min ho, yoon. See the view of yourself as you climb to the top and drink in the breathtaking view of the seoul skyline. See more ideas about boys over flowers, boys before flowers. Check out our resources for adapting to these times. For one, the ya version has special features such as mini behind the scenes.

A series of beautiful memories from boys over flowers. Special goo junpyo geum jandi moments that will stay fresh in my heart forever. Geum jandi ku hyesun is poor but through a series of events ends up at an elite high school, where she runs into gu jun pyo lee minho and his gang f4. Boys over flowers shooting locations tour onedaykorea tours. Geum jandi dances with yoon jihoo, while gu junpyo looks on with.

She is probably the only one that jun pyo ever respects. Jandi, who has strong sense of justice, cannot bear the saucy behavior of gu junpyo, the leader of f4, and does not bring herself to his knees. Young nari is a transferred scholarship student of shinhwa high. Jun 20, 2015 boys over flowers is a classic that is practically required viewing for any kdrama fan. And jan di and ji hoo are kind of more like brother and sister than lovers. Didnt expect that the superwoman geum jan di s bolder than before woo bin sunbae teased then patted ji hoo sunbaes back, well, 4 years was quite a long time for geum jan di to become more straightforward towards jun pyo. Nevertheless, she decided to lay low until her new friend oh minji accidentally angered f4s leader gu junpyo. Fans should expect a short kiss between the two on tonights episode while a more passionate kiss will air tomorrow. Anyway, back to gu jun pyos first kiss with geum jandi. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times.

Gu jun pyo declares to the school, that jan di is his girlfriend. One day, geum jan di ku is offered a scholarship to shinhwa school after saving the life of a student. Geum jan di and gu jun pyo reunite, however due to her friends being threatened by his mother, geum jan di leaves the city after spending loving moments with him. Geum jan di initially hates him and his two friends, so yi jung and song woo bin. Geum jan di hyeseon ku is a girl from a poor family but has an unrivaled sense of optimism and drive and is by chance admitted to a prestigious private high school. Jun pyo and jan di are closer than ever, and even yi jung and ga eul seem to be making strides. Oct 12, 2017 to the boys over flowers fans, this is where gu junpyo and jandi got stranded one cold winter night. Everyone is moving up and moving on, except for woo bin. While he is declaring it, ji hoo arrives back from paris. Apr 14, 2018 f4 is made up of four young men, gu jun pyo, yun jihu, lee jeong, and song wubin. Gu jun pyo played by lee minho geum jan di played by ku hyesun yoon jihoo played by kim hyunjoong i had a difficult time reconciling myself with the fact that i enjoyed boys over flowers, while being disgusted that the showrunners never addressed how cruel the main characters were to kids outside of their circle. Competition for the leading role was very intense and lee only got to know he was cast from the newspapers. Did producers think kim hyun joon was magic on the screen.

Goo jun pyo, f4s selfappointed leader, does everything to make jan di s life miserable after she stood up to him for bullying her friend. She is the only one who is strong enough to stand up against jun pyo after he attempts to humiliate min ji, jan di s only friend at the school. Boys over flowersepisode 10 jun pyo played by lee min ho and jan di played by gu hye sun. Even though i love jihoo as much as the next fangirl, i was pretty pumped when i saw jun pyo. There starts a love triangle among them after facing a lots of problem. In the end of the drama, he was portrayed proposing to jan di. Jun pyo and the entire student body try to make jan di so miserable that she will leave. Jun pyo then puts a red card in jan di s locker which indicated that she was a victim of the f4. Boys over flowers korean drama lee min ho and gu hye sun. Geum jandi and gu junpyo reunite, however due to her friends being threatened by his mother, geum jandi leaves the city after spending loving moments. Min ho is the quite voilinist in the background who will somehow make you root for him. Because despite all the issues boys over flowers has, despite the poor aging, the production issues, and even the violence, boys over flowers core strength of character still resonates. Yi jung is living it up in sweden, gu jun pyo has shinhwa group and geum jan di, and even jihoo has embraced his destiny as a physician. There, she meets gu junpyo, who is portrayed by actor lee minho.

Dec 31, 2011 a series of beautiful memories from boys over flowers. Jun 20, 2015 i personally loved jun pyo and jan dis relationship. Dambis family and junpyo making kimchi come back youre breaking my heart kimchi added to unescos cultural heritage list. Boys over flowers korean drama hana yori dango wiki. Gu jun pyo fell in love with jan di which was really unbeatable because jan di fell in love with ji hoo but she had a true love with jun pyo. Jun pyo can be romantic, caring and fell too easily in love with jan di, but hes way too helpless against his evil mom, that is. As we entered jun pyo rang the bell getting everyones attention. Gu junpyo is unmatched in every scene hes in so about every time he went out of his way to rescue our disrespectful oompa loompa body ass b jan di from danger or showed his devotion for her are absolute tiebreakers for the best moments in my book. It tells the story of geum jan di goo hye sun as she attends a prestigious high school and gets involved with f4, the most popular guys at school. If you dont buy it at that very moment, then theres no second chance. Book your tickets ahead with kkday and get an exclusive discount. If you havent read the manga you need to know who geum jan di chooses ahead of time or you will end up angry at the end.

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